happy early valentine’s day to me.

Yesterday, I had an exceptional morning having a little ‘me’ time in Melbourne CBD. I came across something I hadn’t seen before (which doesn’t exactly mean it’s new as a lot of things change in 2+ years). The Kit Kat Chocolatory on the main level of Melbourne Central (just behind the big obnoxious clock that tourists love to film).

While I may be attempting to be healthier, as a chocolate lover I couldn’t resist the word ‘create’. Turns out at this delightful little store, you can custom make your own Kit Kat (with personalised packaging and all!). It is $15 and 1.5-3hrs turnaround for you to receive your handcrafted chocolate bar, and it is totally worth it.
Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 4.02.23 pm.png

Firstly, you have to decide between Milk, White or Dark chocolate. I chose white chocolate because I got inspired by one of the example displays in the store. Then you have to choose up to 3 ingredients to be mixed in with the Kit Kat. I chose raspberries, coconut and salted caramel. From memory there were about 15 choices (from marshmallow to nuts, mint and everything in between). Once you pay (all through the digital display), you pop in some details and when your handmade delight is ready you receive a text message. Thankfully, it was a quiet day and my order was ready in 1.5 hours BUT you do have 3 days to pick up the chocolate if you don’t want to wait.

All I can say is that it was absolutely worth the wait. I died and went to chocolate heaven.

Comes in an adorable bag/box type contraption.

And it had my name on the box (you get to choose the background and what you want it to say when you place your order) and was plastic wrapped too! So adorable.

I know I’m the monster who didn’t break the Kit Kat fingers off and didn’t eat it like a normal human being. But the fingers are seriously thick, and as you can see from the pictures above it is a little messy.

So whether you’re wanting a cute idea for a gift this valentine’s day, or you’re like me and just wanted to treat yourself…would highly recommend.



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